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Our Local Offer

All schools are required to publish and review information for parents and carers about the support and provision for children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).  Amberley CE Primary School is part of the STARS (Storrington And Rural Schools) locality who work collaboratively to ensure best practice.

Amberley Primary School is an inclusive school.   

  • Every child at Amberley is an individual and support will be personalised to meet their needs.
  • We have high expectations of behaviour; everyone in the school community is treated with equality and respect.
  • The children at Amberley are regularly assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum.
  • Children identified as having a significant difference to the expected targets or those who are consistently not meeting their individual targets are observed, monitored and assessed to identify any specific needs.
  • Children entering the school are assessed by the class teacher and previous records are read and taken into account when identifying individual children’s starting points. Any history of SEND will lay the foundations of the next steps in learning and identifying the areas of support required.
  • Information gained from the previous school or nursery, as well as from parents, teachers and outside agencies will also inform and determine the specific needs.
  • Transition arrangements in joining Amberley are well planned and we will support both you and your child. Children joining Reception are given many opportunities before starting school to familiarise themselves with the school community and environment.
  • Transition arrangements on leaving Amberley for secondary education are well planned; extra opportunities for your children to visit their next school are always available to help them feel supported and confident.
  • Our SENDCo will oversee and plan Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) for all children on the SEND register and this will be implemented by our very experienced and caring team of teaching assistants (TAs) and class teachers. The PLPs will include a table showing targets, specific provision throughout the week, resources and strategies.  We invite parents and children to review PLPs termly with us.
  • Our SEND team are well qualified. The SENDCo has QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), B.Ed and has the National Award for Special Needs Coordination.  Regular training is available for all staff, as well as opportunities through INSET, and TAs are trained to use a range of interventions and resources.
  • Any member of the team working with individual children will be responsible and in a position to share information and achievement. We can use a home/school communication notebook for recording significant moments both at home and at school, also ‘meet and greet’ at the start of the day for targeted children.  Teaching assistants work with class teachers to provide small group or 1:1 support in the classroom, learning within the classroom is differentiated to support the needs of all abilities.
  • Our SEND governor meets with our SENDCo to discuss provision and the needs of your children. We can signpost you to support groups and forums.
  • We have a good, professional relationship with a range of outside agencies and services e.g. the Educational Psychologist team, the Speech and Language team, the Occupational Therapy team, the Learning Behaviour advisory team, the Autism and Social Communication advisory team, the Family Support team and Social Services.
  • We have a team of qualified First Aiders. We have access to the School Nurse.  There is a policy for the administration of medicine. 
  • Risk assessments and identified differentiated plans are put into place for children with specific needs when planning trips or extra-curricular activities. Our school is ‘wheelchair’ friendly.  Most staff have had training in restraint and behaviour management.  Please look at our Behaviour Policy on our website.  All students take part in a social skills programme.
  • We have a small group area for 1:1 and group work, for activities such as social skills groups, working on specific PLP targets and occupational therapy.
  • Independent learning is promoted through the use of visual timetables, homework and ICT.
  • Regular meetings take place with our parents, staff and outside agencies to review the needs of our children. To ensure the best possible provision and support for your children we like to include you and our staff working together in making decisions.  Communication between our school and you, as parents, is vital to our approach and we value your opinions and concerns.
  • The Education Partnership Protocol award has recently been reviewed and we are proud to have been awarded it again. This protocol supports parental engagement during the education journey for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.  Please see further information on our website.



SEND                       Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SENDCo                   Coordinator

TA                           Teaching Assistant

STARS                      Storrington and Rural Schools

PLP                          Personal Learning Plan

EYFS                        Early Years Foundation Stage


Differentiation        Planning and teaching adapted to the appropriate level for groups’ or individuals’ learning



Reviewed July 2019 – Julia Edwards  SENDCo

Please contact via School Office on 01798 831612





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