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Autumn Term 2020

Maple Class Visit to Bignor Roman Villa









Welcome to Maple Class - Years 2, 3 & 4       


We are a year 2/3/4 class brimming with enthusiasm for learning and eager to create, explore and achieve together!

Please read below for more information about what we learn in Maple class.

Who teaches us?

   Maple Class Teacher: Mrs Westwood   

   Maple Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nodding

   Maple Class Tuesday Afternoon Teacher: Mr Armitage 


What does our classroom look like?


What are we learning this term?

    Please find attached the Summer Term Overview

    Please find attached the Summer Term Homework Choice Board. 

Previous Overviews

    Please find attached the Spring Term Overview 

    Please find attached the Spring Term Homework Choice Board.

    Please find attached the Autumn Term 1 Overview for this half term. 

    Please find attached the Homework Choice Board for Autumn Term 1. 

How we are helping the wider community and world!

 As part of our work with the wider community and world, Maple Class have adopted via the WWF, the elegant and elusive Snow Leopard. The elegant and well-camouflaged snow leopard is one of the world’s most elusive cats. Thinly spread across 12 countries in central Asia, it’s at home in high, rugged mountain landscapes. But habitat deterioration, habitat loss, poaching and climate change are now threatening their survival. Snow leopards are top predators in their environment, and their prey include mountain sheep and goats. Without the snow leopard, the ecological balance would be disrupted. By protecting the rare snow leopard we’re also helping to protect its whole environment! Keep your eye open for any fundraising events throughout the year.


                                                                                                 Photo: UNDP

 Useful links for learning!

   Please be safe when online and always go online with an adult present. These links were teacher tested.

  • Audible Amazon audio books for kids FOR FREE
  • BBC Bitesize Learning clips and tutorials on a wide range of topics for children
  • Blockly Fun and free computer programming games
  • Crash Course Kids Science videos on a range of topics
  • Crickweb Free online educational resources and games in all subjects for all ages.
  • DK Find Out! Great resource for a wide range of information in all areas of the curriculum
  • Duolingo Sign up and learn a language for free!
  • Educational videos Over 4300 videos linked to science, music, art and much more!
  • Kids Learning Tube Songs and videos which are great for learning!
  • Khan Academy Sign up to access practical exercises and instructional videos in all subjects
  • Libraries NI Access to free e-books and magazines
  • Literacy Shed Video stimuli for writing
  • Literactive Literacy games, activities and e-books for P1-P3 children
  • Maths Chase A fast moving game to help consolidate mathematical skills, eg-tables
  • National Geographic - Kids Activities and quizzes for all children
  • Nature Detectives Fun nature activities for the garden!
  • Oxford Owl Access to a range of free e-books
  • Primary Resources A wide range of PowerPoints and worksheets for all areas of the curriculum and all ages
  • Primary Homework Help Lots of Literacy and Numeracy activities but also great for topic work and World Around Us!
  • Red Ted Art Art and craft activities
  • Starfall English and Maths activities for pupils
  • Topmarks Free educational games and resources for all subjects and all ages
  • World Geography Geography games




I hope everyone in Maple class is well rested from the Christmas break and that you are ready to learn from home for the first half of the Spring term.


Every week I will send your parents a weekly English (including grammar, spelling and punctuation), Maths and Reading plan. I will also send an afternoon lesson timetable for all of the other fantastic subjects in the school curriculum. 


Please note all planning and resources are uploaded onto Maple Class Google Classroom. 

Spring Term Week 2 planning: 

Spring Term Week 1 planning:


 Here are a few fantastic examples of home learning completed during the previous lockdown:


Maple Class Newsletter - Autumn 2020

Maple Class Topic Web - Treasures of the Tomb - Autumn 2020


 Maple Class Newsletter - Summer 2020

Maple Class Topic Web - African Adventure - Summer 2020


Maple Class Newsletter - Spring 2020

Maple Class Topic Web - Poles Apart - Spring 2020


Maple Class Newsletter - Autumn 2019

Maple Class Topic Web - Ruthless Romans - Autumn 2019


Useful links:

Please be safe when online and always go online with an adult present. These links were teacher tested.

Edinburgh Zoo Lion cam

Kid's Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen

Fun Kids - Digital Radio and Online

BBC Earth - Africa

GOV: List of online education resources for home learning

White Rose Maths Home Learning

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons


Spring Term Consolidation planning:

Summer Term Week 8 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 7 Planning:

Summer Term Week 6 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 5 Planning:

Summer Term Week 4 Planning:

Summer Term Week 3 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 2 Planning:




















 Maple Class


Useful documents and websites:


Maths Targets Year 4

 More reading and maths help can be found at oxfordowl.co.uk.  This website has lots of ideas
and explanations about the way we teach reading and maths as well as games for children to play.




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