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 Maple Class Newsletter - Summer 2020

Maple Class Topic Web - African Adventure - Summer 2020


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I do hope that you've all enjoyed your summer half term and are continuing to stay home, keep safe and look after each other. 

Our topic for this term is 'African Adventure.' 

Every week I will send your parents a weekly English, Maths and spelling plan. I will also send a choice board for all of the other fantastic subjects in the school curriculum. 

I've already received some excellent work relating to our previous and most recent topic. Here are a few fantastic examples:


Useful links:

Please be safe when online and always go online with an adult present. These links were teacher tested.

Edinburgh Zoo Lion cam

Kid's Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen

Fun Kids - Digital Radio and Online

BBC Earth - Africa

GOV: List of online education resources for home learning

White Rose Maths Home Learning

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Summer Term Week 8 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 7 Planning:

Summer Term Week 6 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 5 Planning:

Summer Term Week 4 Planning:

Summer Term Week 3 Planning: 

Summer Term Week 2 Planning:



Maple Class Visit to Bignor Roman Villa, 30th September 

















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Maths Targets Year 4

 More reading and maths help can be found at oxfordowl.co.uk.  This website has lots of ideas
and explanations about the way we teach reading and maths as well as games for children to play.




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