Spring Term 2022

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!

This term we will learning all about the Ancient Islamic Civilization, with a particular focus on the city of Baghdad c900AD and how it helped to build and shape this early civilization and examine how and why it developed into such a major world power. We will learn how early Islamic doctors made significant contributions to the development of modern medicine and surgery and about other significant discoveries
and inventions made by Muslim scholars. 

In English, we will read the gripping, 'London Eye Mystery,' by Siobhan Dowd. Our reading and writing tasks will centre around this text. We will  create a class investigation board to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of the character, Salim, as well as keeping our own crime investigation journals!

Watch this space to see if we solve the mystery!

In science this term, we will be studying materials and how they change; whether the changes are reversible or irreversible and if a chemical change has occurred.

Please click to see the attached SPRING TERM 2022 OVERVIEW.





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